Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where's a good title when you need it?

Hey All!
I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend. I've been fighting a headache all weekend. I was fine yesterday morning. On the phone with a friend I haven't talked to in some time. Just a matter of minutes after I hung up... I felt it hitting. The blurry vision, oh how I hate that! It amazes me sometimes how it can just come out of nowhere! Fine one second and then BAM! It's not near as bad right now, which means it's fairly tolerable... but still letting its presence be known. David and I did go to my grandparents today for Father's Day. We didn't stay long, but it was nice. Matt was able to come eat before work, but we missed Jess & Josh since they are in Boston!

I'm pretty proud of myself... In the last 7 days I've managed to complete 4 12x12 layouts and 2 8x8 ones. The best part... the day's not over yet!! They are both for challenges over at Memory Makers. I've now completed 3 challenges at MM, and that is really something for me!

While I'm not loving one of the layouts.. I'm just not going to obsess over it. I'm calling it done and moving on! I'm starting to feel my mojo coming back! We all know that is an awesome thing!

Both layouts are for my mom's heritage album. Although the second one doesn't look all that much like it belongs in an heritage album due to all the color. But ya know... it's not much fun to do the dark colors all the time and I can't imagine looking through an album with only dark heritagy (is that a word) colors. Besides... these colors (the pink) were just calling to me. It'll be ok. Some day off in the future the albums that are current for me today will be considered heritage.. and let me tell you... I DO NOT live in blacks, grays, and whites!

Ok... I'm outta here. I need to go lay in a dark quiet place I think so I can be feeling fine for True Blood!!! YES! Plus, I must go to work tomorrow.... cause
here's my news! David and I found a house... made an offer the night before we left for KY of all times.... and we are scheduled to close August 30th. I know... why so long you ask? The owners, soon to be the previous owners, are having a house a built and they asked if we'd agree to wait until then so their house would be finished. I was so excited at the time I was agreeing to anything... but now... well I wasn't very blessed in the patience department. So, I'm doing a lot of praying. While there's several things I could be praying for and at different times might... I'm mostly just praying that it all goes according to His plan. If we are meant to be there, then we will... even if it is 71 more days.

Just so you know... I'm doing a lot of giggling and clapping my hands too!

Wishing you a great Monday!


Melissa said...

Beautiful LOs, Lisa! Love what you've done with the sketches. You weren't kidding about the Bazzill Bling, were you.. I can imagine you up to your eyeballs in it! Good for you for getting so many LOs done!

And your house looks fabulous! YAY!

Serene said...

So sorry about your headache. I hope it goes away soon but it sure didn't stop you from creating some lovely los. I love both of them and I very much like that you are using happy colors. Great los, indeed. I can't wait for August 30to come so you can get into that gorgeous house.

Barb said...

Oh my golly!!! I was going to go on about your LO's...they are beautiful...but then...the HOUSE!! Wonderful!! You must be so excited!!! And it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Oh my golly...

But really. You will love having that time to get things packed at leisure and plan for the new. I know it seems like is sure worth the wait! Congratulations!!

Lora Oliver said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I didn't want to ask for fear of jinxing, but I remembered you mentioning it and was really hoping that no news was good news! It is a beautiful place! Lovely LOs and hope that headache goes away for good. Mine is starting as we speak, but I am pretending it isn't really there...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa - I love your layouts! I also LOVE the pictures of your soon to be new house! I remember how excited I was when we were waiting for our new house to be really be ours and now that's been 18 months ago. Where has the time gone? Congratulations!
Sandi Smith (Sassy)