Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before & During... to be cont.

The MOST important room in the house! While David might not think so, I know you will agree with me... or most of you anyway!

This is the room before I started working on it. I so do not like the baby yellow walls. Our computer is in here, (thank you), which means David will be spending time in here, and that's perfectly ok... he's just not big on lots of color. He likes things plain and simple... I like them to jump out at me!!!
So.... I thought a nice neutral color on the walls, then I can spice it up with containers and "STUFF"! Thinking that might work for the man.

But anyway, here's the mess. Boxes and boxes and wheelie containers. To be honest, I don't even think this is everything. Well, I know it's not. My paper isn't in this picture, and there are a couple of big boxes missing too.

Here I moved the boxes out and started the painting. I think in this corner I'm going to put up another table and it will hold my cricut and pazzle, along with maybe the paper cutter and bigshot? Not sure yet. This picture does give you an idea of the new color I am painting it. I ran out of paint and have to go get some more after work. My goal is to have it all painted and have started setting it up by Saturday evening. Wish me luck!


luv46kdz said...

Ooooo lady, I'm gonna live vicariously through you!! How exciting a big scrap=room! Yahoo :)

I love the color too!

Elaine. said...

oh what a big scrap and (computer) room, I love the color, the carpet, and the supplies just calling out my name...and what a big window...this is so exciting

Barb said...

Love the color but love more that you are caring what David likes. How cool. Spouses don't care about each other anymore and it is so nice to see you do!!! It is going to look GREAT! Isn't it fun getting all the stuff like you like it? You have waited so long. Don't get frustrated because it isn't all done. Enjoy the time! Get it just like you want.

I am coming for a tour, though, when you are all done!!

Serene said...

Great color for the room and what a great room it is. Can't wait to see it all set up.

courtney said...

What a beautifully big, bright, full-of-potential room! The new colour is certainly a huge improvement. Perfectly neutral and just waiting for colourful scrappy embellishments!
I like that it's a (somewhat) shared room. It's nice when there's the opportunity for company while you're working away.
I'm so excited for you, Lisa! Congrats, enjoy the process of making it a home for you and David and keep sharing the progress pictures!

Kathi said...

Yay - you've started the coolest room in the house! Love the soft yellow color. It has so much potential for adding all your beautiful, brightly colored arts projects. David better watch out... with a computer in the room, you'll be digi scrapping very soon... =)

Susan said...

That's fabulous Lisa! Can't wait to see it all set up. I want a whole blog entry dedicated to your paper collection! :)