Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 11-One Weekend, Two Shots

Jessica cooked a chicken casserole for us. I meant to take a picture before everyone dug in, but as you see I didn't get to.

Zoey-poor thing was so tired. She played and played outside in the pool and then would run and run and run.


Serene said...

That casserole looks delicious. Very nice of Jess to do that. Adorable Zoey all zonked out after all that playtime.

Is that your new couch? I love that pillow pattern.

Barb said...

Yum.. I shouldn't be looking at that picture. Time to go home and I am hungry!! So nice to have that made for you!

Poor Zoey!! So tuckered out!!! I love to see them sleep so soundly. She must have had so m uch fun!!

luv46kdz said...

I'm hungry now, it looks delish. Poor Zoey, she pooped herself out. She looks so much like Zu :)

courtney said...

Mmmmmm....a daughter who brings you dinner....yummy looking dinner...what a good girl!
Awwww....tuckered out poochies and kids make for the best pics! What a sweetie.

Kathi said...

Beautiful photos. The casserole looks just yummy. Zoey? She looks adorable and so soft and cuddly. I just wanna scoop her up and love on her!

Elaine. said...

oh baby Zoey, night night