Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A whole lotta more, part 2

Hello, wont you come in!
Here I'm standing right in front of the house, next to the street. The window by the garage is the formal dining room, which we are not going to have. It is going to be David's music room. The door opens up, there's a small space and you see into the living room. The window next to the door is the living room. The last window is the spare bedroom. That's where you can stay if you come visit!
Still out by the street, but wanted you to see this other bed and all the flippin shrubs in it.

Can you believe it, more shrubs.
When next you see this area, it will be very different. It might not be until next summer... but that's ok.
Be sure you keep scrolling down. The last post is actually my first post. Yes, I'm a bit backwards today! Thank you for noticing.


Susan said...

EVERYTHING looks so gorgeous! And you've got so many wonderful trees too! Beautiful!

Elaine. said...

what a great layout, and what wonderful garden beds ready for your talented hands, I love the front door decor and that bird house stand and the pumpkins and of course, one of your trees, it's beautiful, and you and DA deserve this, welcome to your new home

Serene said...

It's just stunning! The landscaping is so pretty just as it is. I can't imagine how much better it will look once you get to work on it. Love the halloween decorations.

Barb said...

Sweetie, I am so, so happy for you. I can tell you are happy!! Tha makes ME happy.

Your new home is out of sight beautiful. Doesn't it feel wonderful to call it your own?? I remember that feeling.

Can't wait to see it grwo as your very own as you put your personal touches on it!!!

I can, already, see you out watering your posies in the early morning like you like to do!!!

luv46kdz said...

Ditto S! It really is gorgeous! Enjoy :)

courtney said...

So pretty! Such a large yard to play with! Can't wait to see it progress into your vision of loveliness!