Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whole lotta more, part 3

The scraproom! Now remember, I've not hung anything on the walls yet... and this is just a first go at arranging my stash. It may very well change as I get started playing and determine what works better for me. But this is it for today.

This is what you see when you first walk in the room. I'm excited to have the computer in here, even though it takes up some space, but this allows me to have my pazzle in here also... which I know I'm going to love love love! I didn't get a picture of the pazzle, but it's on the left side of the computer.

Here's my table with my cricut, purple cow, and big shot. I'm going to love being able to have these out within reach of my finger tips.
Some of my paper. Susan wanted to see the stacks of paper. I love my storage system. It works great for me.
The two pink totes hold all of my SU! paper. I love it organized this way. The blue tote is full of kits. I'm thinking I don't need anymore.
Over here on this wall are more storage totes. The two shelves have all of my SU! stamps set, some punches, and the pink boxes are my sizzix dies.

This is inside the closet, and I'm not sure it will stay this way, but for now most of the stash is unpacked.
I think I'll eventually get cabinets and have them instead of just the tables. Or some of the cubby shelves. In my mind, that's what I see. That way I can keep more behind closed doors and the room will look neater. It just has a very cluttered look to me. Maybe after I get some things made and up on the walls, I'll love it more. Then I think who cares... it's my room. This is why I wanted a room in the back of the house, to keep this all out of sight from visitors. Besides, anyone who really knows me, they know how I love this addiction of ours. Plus, we all know how messy things can get when you are working on a project, or four!
Well that's it for now. Be sure to keep scrolling down to see the other two posts. I went at this a little backwards. What can I say.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. I'll get more up as I finish a room. Hoping to get curtains for the living room this weekend. Good thing I'm not an impatient person! hahaha


Kathi said...

I'm so jealous! I love your new digs - especially the pool and the scrap room. What a luxury to have a whole room that you can make your own, any way you like.

Your house is just gorgeous. I can see why you were itching to move all summer long. The yard looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more when it's got the Lisa touch to it.

Melissa said...

OH MY! I wanna come play at your house!

Susan said...

Your room is fabulous! Oooo- and you have those Sizzix storage boxes too! And look at all the paper. I am literally salivating! And look at all those glimmer mists! Love how everything has it's own space. Very well organized!

Jenn said...

Wow! Lisa I am so jealous, I wanna come play in your scraproom!!
Great job though it looks fantastic!

Elaine. said...

oh you've been holding out on me, good grief, my stash looks like a stocking from Santa and yours looks like Santa' bag. Love the organization boxes, the closet storage, the paper store, the table, all the room, boy are you going to have fun in there!

Elaine. said...

p.s. love your new profile pic

Serene said...

Oh, it's Heaven in Oklahoma! What an amazing room filled with all that scrappy goodness. It's wonderful the way you set it up. I love the wall color, too. I was wondering where the other dining room chair was - now I know, it's in your scraproom and it goes well with the wall color. I'm so happy for you that I could cry. Congratulations!!!

Barb said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love this, Lisa!!! I am so happy for you to have all this room!

IF you like it this way, keep it this way. No need to hide things. It is your house.

My 6 x 6 scrap desk is in my living room and I have not had one person think it odd!! It is me. My life.

Do you think you have enough paper? You better get scrappin', girl!! LOL

luv46kdz said...

OMG I'm breathing heavy here!! I wanna scrap at your house mama!! I am happy for you it is wonderful. Don't forget that pic of your beautiful face in that gorgeous kitchen!!

courtney said...

That's pretty much all I've got....wow.
So, uh, Lisa....when are you hosting a crop for all of us????