Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 12 & 13 Plus a whole lotta more

I think I'm going to have to do this in two parts, it's not letting me upload any more pictures to this post. Either I hit my limit or the uploader is tired!

I'm not even going to pretend to know which pics I took on the weekend and which ones were taken at other times. Just trust me when I tell you... I've been taking pictures almost daily!

Some of these may be duplicates for some you. I'll be posting here, to facebook, and Memory Makers. I'm just trying to cover all my bases.

I've taken several pics so you can actually get an idea, I'm hoping, of the whole layout. One or two pics just doesn't do it!

Here goes... the back yard

This is what you see when you walk out the backdoor. It's also what you see if you are standing at the sink in the kitchen, which looks right out the backdoor.

The flower bed on the west side of the back yard. This shot is also taken standing in front of the window in my scraproom... so this is pretty much what I see when I look out the window.

Looking across to the east side of the yard. Oh do I have plans for that corner and fence row. David just doesn't know it yet!

The corner next to the back door. That window is my dining room. This is one of the beds I've managed to get cleaned out. You could tell the flower beds had been left unattended for the last month or so before we moved in. I'm not judging.. I might have done the same thing. They are just in dire need of help right now.

The one and only flower bed I've planted some flowers in. I brought these dasies over from our other house. The green barrel you see, there are two of them, they catch the rain water. While I love that idea, they aren't very pretty... so I'm going to try to think of something that I will want there to help hide them some. These two windows are my bedroom.

This shot was taken at the back end of the yard looking up at the house. We've not got a patio set yet, yes it's the best time of year to buy them... but we've had so much else to buy that we thought it could wait until spring. Ok... windows... the first on the left is my bedroom, it's corner windows... then the dining room, backdoor next, living room window, then another set of corner windows that are my scraproom.

Ahhhh... the trimmer and the cord I cut. Cool huh? Did you see all the shrubs... wait, you've not seen the front yard yet!

The dining room. The one and only totally complete room in the house. I love these curtains. Thank you J.C. Penny. If you go through that door way, straight leads to the laundry room then the garage. Take a left and you go down the hall into my bedroom.

The first plant I bought to plant in the new yard! The only plant so far to be honest. I planted this in front of the scraproom window.
My snake... make that my Dead Snake. Sorry... I had to share!
My toad. He comes out every night, to the back door, trying to catch bugs. I don't like bugs, so the toad gets to live.
Ok, that's it for now.... off to post more.


Susan said...

Well, I want that toad. He is so cute! He looks like he's been very well fed too! You should bury a terra cotta pot on it's side for a little dug out for him in your flower bed, they love that. Can you tell I'm from the country?

Elaine. said...

WOW! so much wow, love the furniture and the work you've done with decorating and oh what a wonderful back yard, so many good times to come, love the size, and Kiara will like that , I hope. Water barrels, wow, now I'd love to have some, but don't even know where to put them. YOu'll decorate them , paint them or leave them...great for your watering, that's for sure, what a beautiful home

Barb said...

Aw! I find a wonderful homey feel to your house. You are making it a wonderful place to come home to.

Who knows. I may make it out there sometime!! And what color is the spare bedroom? I like to coordinate my nightly attire!!! LOL

dpelham said...

What a beautiful home. We have lots of shrubs too, but I got people who actually love to garden. She doesn't like pests in her garden though, so I stay in my studio so I don't end up like the snake.

luv46kdz said...

Oh Lisa I am SO excited!!!! It looks beautiful! Many years of happiness for you both there!


courtney said...

Oh my, oh my! Things are coming along beautifully at Lisa's new house!
Lovin' that yard; can't wait to see how much more I'll love it after you've done some more planting!