Wednesday, May 27, 2009


These circles are for a swap I was in on 2 Peas. We were to make 6 - 6" circles, embellish at least 3 times, using a spring theme.

When I started my circles I forgot all about the theme we were to be using. I picked the colors red and brown. Red because I'm just loving it right now and brown because Jenn sent me a mini album she made when she was my secret sister and it's made out of a brown paper bag and she used a lot of red since I'm lovin' red right now. (I'll have to post a pic of that, it is so super cute!) Anyway, so I start my circles, get them all done and realize that Spring is the theme and they don't look very Springy at all! Major panic. So I cut out the word Spring in a light green and then inked it about half way up trying to give it that faded look. Don't think it worked to well. Threw some purple in there along with different colors of flowers and buttons to try to make it all tie together. While they aren't half bad I think I could have done much better if I'd just been paying attention from the start! Oh, and check out the "Xs" that are stitched on... that would be another first for me this month. Stitching with needle and thread! WooHoo!

They are just so cute and I can't wait to use them. I've really thought about starting a swap like this on MM, but not sure if now is the right time or not.

On a different note.... look at the second picture, the one of only one circle. Do you see the spot/dot in the upper left side corner, or almost corner... just upper left? That's the dirty spot that has been on my camera and showing up in all my pictures. Most annoying! We took it into the shop and $50 later, it's clean and just perfect again! Thank you David! I love my camera... almost as much as I love my husband!


Carrie said...

Oh I wish I would have joined this swap! Your circles are just great! Love how you made them look springy after the fact can't even tell you didn't start that way with them. Looks like you are going to have to give me some stitching lessons. Oh and the spot from your camera...glad you got it fixed!

courtney said...

I think the inking you did on the word spring looks great! The whole thing looks great! And you know, when I think of spring, I think of dirt so the brown makes perfect sense to me!

Elaine said...

I looks very spring to me. Like my roses in the back, red, brown, the color scheme is wonderful, the eyelets, the sewing, great job, Lisa.