Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey Look ~

I did it! I added pictures and it wasn't hard at all! I've been dreading it for some reason. My mind always seems to think things might possibly be harder than they really are, go figure!

Here's the mini book I made to put in Melissa's Paint Can.
I have a few firsts with this album. I've never made a mini one before, and you know, it's not that hard! I not only made a tag, but gave it a little pocket to hide in, another first for me. I used rub ons, something I do not like doing. I did do quite a bit of inking on this one. I'm really starting to groove on the inking, thank you Elaine! This was also the first time I not only made my own embellishments but actually used them. How great is that?

Stay tuned, there will be another post with pictures coming!


Elaine said...

ohhhh, I love that flower you made and the book, such a great job with the flourishes, and colors. Talented talented and talented!

Carrie said...

The colors are so fabulous and love the use of the flowers everywhere, can't even tell it was your first time making a mini book!

courtney said...

Great stuff Lisa! I see you've got some of those pretty, multicoloured flowers I've been eyeing up at the LSS....very pretty! Glad you're having fun trying new techniques; the results are stunning!