Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Talk about a rough day at work! I know it's a short week, and that's most likely what the problem is, but I am so ready for Friday!

We've had sunshine for 4 days straight now I think. I'm so glad. It's been nothing but rain on the weekends for some time now.
The first of June is Monday and I've hardly even planted any flowers yet this year. What I did plant look terrible. We had a storm come in and beat the poor things down! It was just awful. I was looking at some pictures that I took when I first got them and they were still in the pots. They looked much better then than they do now. And you know how it is when you first plant them, before they bush out. Well I am ready for them to start bushing. Here's what they looked like before I planted them and the storm almost killed them.

Aren't they pretty? They sure do not look like that now though. I'm actually thinking about re-doing the whole front bed.

Hoping to work on a swap tonight, although with everything going on over at one of the sites I swap on I'm actually thinking about just dropping them all. I have never seen so much arguing and name calling. This is all supposed to be fun and I have to admit it's making me a bit nervous to send anything off for fear of it not coming back.

What is on it's way back though is a Flower CJ from a swap hosted by a lady that lives in Japan. Below are my pages that I made and when it comes back it will have pages from 4 American swappers and 4 Japanese swappers. I'm really excited about getting it and I know it's in the mail headed this way as I type this!
(Sorry Carrie, tomorrow I'll do the candy!)

This is page 2 of my pages. I took a Stampin Up stamp and using brown ink stamped the background on the beige cardstock. I just feel in love with that. Have a little more stitching on this one also. Don't expect to see much of it, not a big fan. Although it did help tie the page together. The paper is also from Stampin Up and I love this line. Think I'm out and in need of some more.

This page was another simple one using some inks and stickles. I tried not to over do and crowd my pages as I personally prefer. I wanted to make sure I left enough room for those swapping to put pictures in. I'm sure after I get mine back and add pictures that I will add more embellies to my pages as well.

I still need to practice practice practice on inking the edges, but I'll get there.
All in all, I like the way my pages turned out. And did I tell you guys that I'm excited to get the pages back. I'm going to use my Bind It All to put the CJ together, that's going to be another first for me.

It's almost time for DA and I to go ride the bicycles. Then off to my scrap room!
Thanks for looking.


Carrie said...

Those pages are great. I love how you combined the patterns on the first page and the quote on the second page is wonderful. Can't wait to hear what you think of your pages from Japan. (I'll be looking for the candy tomorrow)

Elaine said...

I love the flowers, they will come back I hope...I know, the wind knock down a large branch and hit my just bloomed iris patch, oh well, next year. Like all the layouts, really like that petal with the red stitching, draws it all together.