Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've created a monster!

In myself! Now that I've gotten started posting pics I can't stop! Not only is it fun, but I've got so many swaps that I've been doing and all these pictures to post of them. Elaine is always saying send pics, so by golly I am.

Speaking of Elaine, she live in CT. One of the states where in the fall the leaves really do turn. It's not like here where one day it's summer with green leaves and the next it's winter and all the leaves are on the ground.

So when I joined a circle journal group a few months ago, and one of the ladies in it picked the theme fall, it didn't take me long to figure out where to get pics from for that cj. These pictures are of a tree in Elaine's front yard last fall. Isn't it so pretty. I have hopes this fall to go and see that tree and those leaves in person!

Have a couple of more firsts here. The leaves and the word autumn are from chipboard. I ran them through my xyron and then glittered them. A little trick I learned from Sassy Sandi on the Memory Makers forum. (Thanks Sandi!) Thread in my buttons. Never used thread before, reminds me to much of sewing.

Close up shot of the glitter and buttons. Why, I don't know!

All in all, I think it turned out very good. I used colors on this layout that I don't normally use, but I was going for the fall theme. It worked, or at least I think it did.

Guess it's time to go back to work now. Wishing everyone a great day!
Thanks for looking.


Elaine said...

wow I love these circles, and the paper is so cool and the buttons, and those pictures, those trees, look sooo familiar, guess you will now have to come see them in Oct 2009 with DA,

luv46kdz said...

You did such a wonderful job! Ilove your blog, and I love all the things you have done. You are very talented Lisa and anyone who gets something from you is very lucky!

Carrie said...

Like the glitter on the chipboard, will definately have to give it a try. The buttons look so cute with the thread through them, finishes them up. And the colors in the tree just beautiful.