Thursday, July 8, 2010

And how's your morning going?

Good Morning My Peeps!

Mine is a good morning.... had a headache starting up yesterday around 4ish... but I kicked it's butt! By bedtime it was a dull ache and this morning... why it's just a faded memory! (ok, so I seriously know you can come back and take over Mr. Headache... I'm not thinking I'm in control... I promise... just showing off a little)

My doctor and I talked Tuesday about me taking caffeine out of my life... I'm trying to psych myself up for this, and prepare David at the same time because I do not expect it to be pretty. I'm a caffeine intaker all day long. Coffee, tea, and coke... all day long. So you should all brace yourselves as well.... cause I'm telling you it's liable to get nasty! Plus less caffeine really will help with the headaches... yes momma I know!

I really need to start working this weekend on packing up our extra room. Matt may end up being here much sooner than we thought and I don't want to have to rush through it. Some of you may be going huh??? Matt??? Perhaps I should 'splain some. As David tells me... "you've got some 'splainin' to do Lucy"

Our house is very small and that's the main reason we are moving. It's a 2 bedroom, which there are only 2 of us...but... there's one closet.. well one an a half. I've got so much scrap stuff that I've taken over the laundry room and kitchen. Our spare room is full of guitars...think he has 10... Amps... speakers... recording equipment....everything but a bed. Oh, and my shoes! When the kids come they have no place to sleep... so they don't really come visit much. Plus we want a garage and a few other things the new house will have. The house was David's grandmother, so David has grown up in it. It's really a cute little house and is full of personality. Anyway... Matt has decided he wants to go to college, which is great! So, for various reasons Matt is going to move here and go to college in Lawton, which is about 25 miles away. We are hoping he can transfer with his job to the store in Lawton... they say it should be no problem. He will live in our house and it will be perfect for him! School will be starting about the time we are expecting to close (yes we think it will be before the 30th) and it's just working out so well that you can't help but think it's meant to be. They are checking where Matt works to see if there are openings at the other store and what they might be... and if there is one now I think he is going to go ahead and take it.. rather than wait until next month and run the risk that there isn't an opening. So that's what is going on there... and that really was the short version of the story! See... I do need to get started packing some stuff up!

Well I must get busy. I do believe there are a few things needing to be done. Since we didn't win the lottery last night I should probably do them.

Here are two layouts that I actually had done a couple of weeks ago. I just wasn't sure if they were finished... but I think so.

Bazzill, Stampin Up, Basic Grey, and Graphic 45 papers.
Inkadinkado Stamp; Stampin Up Ink; Sizzix Embossing Folder
Embellies from Prima; Jenni Bowlin; My Minds Eye
Lace from HL

Thanks for stopping by. Seeing you've been here really does give me the wiggles in my chair! Have a fabulous day!

I wanted to add for those who have asked... CJ stands for Circle Journal. It's actually a scrapbook and not a journal as in a writing journal... you get a group together and each of you has a theme for your CJ. You do the first page and then send the CJ on it's way to ... The first person gets it, does a layout on your theme in your book then sends it on the the next person. After the CJ has made the rounds through everyone it comes back to you.... and that's where the circle part comes in. Sometimes though in order to cut down on postage we dont mail the actual album... just do the pages and then send them in to one person to sort. Hope that makes sense.


Lora Oliver said...

Those are very sweet LOs, Lisa. Glad to hear that Matt has decided to head to college and that he can live in your house while doing it!

Serene said...

Good for you! So glad that you are getting off the caffeine. That will definitely help with the headaches. I suffered for years back when I used to put away a pot of coffee and then some a day. It was hard, initially, eliminating the caffeine but you'll feel better once you do. I promise!

That's great news that Matt can move to the closer store and that he is going to school. Guess everything is falling into place. You deserve it!

I love your los. You do reds so very well. I'm not comfortable working with red but you make it look so easy. 2 more fantabulous los for that album.

Serene said...

How did you do the word "family"?

luv46kdz said...

They look so nice Lisa.

Well I'm glad your son is gonna go to college!

No more caffeine huh I have heard they cause major headaches, so this is a good thing!

Barb said...

I love your LO's girl!! The colors are great and love the "family" So glad to see you hand journaling. That will mean so much!!

I am a zero caffeine girl. But I was never addicted. DH used to split a 30 cup pot with a guy at work each day. Now he only has a cup in the morning. If he doesn't have that he gets a terrible headache he can't kick. He has been off of it for over 30 years but still needs that one cup (and I mean it is a small cup like comes with dinnerware, not a mug). You will make it. I only drink decaf and no caf colas. I never could tell the difference anyway.

Melissa said...

Your pages are beautiful! My favorite color combo. I love how you laid out all of your elements, and all of your vintage touches.

Good for you for getting rid of caffeine. I generally have just a cup of coffee a day, but not always everyday. I don't miss soda since giving it up (never really liked it) years and years ago. You'll feel great!

Oh, and that's wonderful that Matt's going to college, and that he has a great place to live!