Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What A Day!

Or maybe what a week! And I'm only on work day #2. You know what I think is the worst about having a day off or a short week... it's not the coming back and trying to get in the swing of things or that stuff piles up while you are gone... it's the trying to put 5 days of work into 4 days. I mean it's just not possible without pulling out your hair or chewing off your fingernails or something drastic! I mean I really understand why we work 5 days a week... it's the only way to get the sh*t done!

Right now I'm trying to get everything together for our insurance audit. The dear people emailed me on Friday afternoon that they'd be here next Tuesday. Friday afternoon I thought oh sure fine...cause I was getting off early and having a 3 day weekend! Today I'm thinking that wasn't so smart! PLUS... this woman told me today that I obviously wasn't very bright... and everyone knew it! A few years ago I might have been like oh yea.... but today I just laughed and hung up on her. Then had to call David and tell him! Gave him a good chuckle too.. which he needed. He's not been having a good week.

My Stampin Up! Catalog arrived. Oh it is full of yummy goodies and I've already got post it notes all through it! I need to remember that in a few weeks I shall be packing up my scrap room and moving not to mention that we are going to be looking for furniture and other household delight items. But last night while I was looking through it I was just dreaming up all this stuff to make to decorate with. Then I realized that I need to make something for our realtor because she has just been so helpful. Plus I really like her and just want to do something for her. So, I'm brainstorming for that.

While I was getting ready for work yesterday morning I had a panic thought... wondering how on earth I think I will be able to go to the retreat in Sept. What if my scrap stuff isn't unpacked? What will I take? I'm thinking that when I start to pack up my room, I'll just go ahead and pack my totes for the retreat. That way it's packed to move and it's packed to go to the retreat. Sometimes I just amaze myself at how smart I am. That silly woman just thinks I'm not bright! Ha... showed her!

Ok, I've got to get out of here. Think I have a busy evening on schedule for tonight. David is going to be playing guitar and I see scrapping in my future. How perfect can that be?

Here are my pages for Ms. Emma's cj. Your 3 favorite actors/actresses. As you can see I couldn't pick 3. I probably would have even picked more than 5 but it's only 8x8 pages so no more pictures would fit.

Bazzill cardstock & flowers. Creative Memories printed paper and letters. Stampin Up stamps, punches, and ink.
You can't tell from the picture but I did punch out some clear packaging stuff and stamp it. I'm not sure it does much for me.

Ok, have a great evening everyone. Thanks for stopping by! :)


Barb said...

You crack me up Lisa. I think we are a lot alike!! How dare that lady think you are not smart!! Reminds me of one of our customers that won't give you her name when she calls. She want to speak to so and so, I say and who's calling and we just keep going back and forth saying the same thing. She says it is rude to ask who is calling so she won't give her name. Finally, I said, well since you won't give your name but always same the same thing, then we really do know who you are! Ugh. PEOPLE!!! LOL

Sounds like some scrapping tonight for you. Serene is really putting the heat on us. I had better get busy, too!!

Kathi said...

Oh yes, the heat! If it weren't for the rain we've had every, single, day... it would be sweltering here.

However, the heat I'm feeling is coming from the CJ. Yes, I finished my pages a very loneg time ago. Have I printed them yet? No. Have I finished all the tags? No. Do I have much time left? NO! I'm behind!

I promise. I'm heading to Wally World today for printer ink. And I've scrounged my staff for krafti stuff to do make the sign in thingys. I WILL get them finished by end of tomorrow. And in the mail on Saturday. I must or they won't be mailed until I return from Europe. They will be mailed before I leave. I promise.

Oh, Lisa - I love your Stars page! The clear stuff adds dimension. That's a good thing!

Serene said...

Ok, first, I have news for that silly woman. I do not have "not bright" friends so that means that you are indeed bright and she can go fly a kite or better yet, take a long walk off a short pier, as my mom used to say. (I love that line and it makes me smile when I say it because I can hear my mom's voice saying it.) Oh and great idea of packing for the retreat as you pack up your scraproom. You're not only bright, but brilliant!

Second, I love your los. That's a great red and I'm really liking that stamping on clear plastic you did. I have a stack of sheets of that stuff that I've been saving but I've not used it yet. Think maybe you've inspired me to try that but then again, your work always inspires me.

luv46kdz said...

I'm on spending restriction so I don't even wanna think about the Stampin Up catalog.

I love your los! They came great. The Depster, niiiice!

And that knucklehead knows nothing, you are very smart! and pretty too ;)

Melissa said...

Haha, not bright?? I agree with Serene... you're brilliant! Great idea about packing for the retreat before moving.

Love your LO, with the black and the red! I do like the clear packaging piece. It adds something different and I love how it continues the stamped image on the background.