Monday, July 5, 2010

One Weekend-Two Shots-2-B

It was pouring rain most of yesterday... David and I spent most of the day curled up with these. It is rare that you don't find one or two books in the living room at David's chair or beside my bed.


Dedra Long said...

AAhhhh. books. That is one thing I wish for, some time to read more.
I do read magazines though, while waiting in line to pick up the girls, etc.

Great shot too!

Barb said...

Looking forward to retirement so I have more time to read. If I have free time I only scrap. I miss reading so much!!! But...scrapping is higher on the chain, even though not much higher!! LOL I also want to do mor of my counted cross stitch. Hum. Might need to get new glasses before that again!! LOL

Serene said...

Sorry about all the rain you had but nice way to catch up on some reading. I loved George Carlin, too bad he's gone.