Monday, July 26, 2010

One Weekend Two Shots- Part 5

Here are my weekend shots. I've got to tell you though, I'm not loving any of my pictures right now. They just seem to be missing the zip, pow, bang. I'm not sure what my deal is. I know they've had it before and feel sure they will again... but for now it's making me less than thrilled about picking up my camera!
I seem to be having a really hard time figuring out my aperture ... oh who am I kidding, I'm having a hard time with all of it right now. But not to despair..I'm reading everything in sight and playing playing playing. I'll get it figured it out!

Here are my shots from the weekend.
For Saturday's I used two shots. David and I had taken a bike ride (motorcycle) out to the lake in search of an old church... can you believe there wasn't one... anyway, we stumbled upon all of these deer. I've never seen so many at once. There were two groups... and I kid you not in the first group there were at least 15. The group was down by the water drinking and I had David stop the bike to get closer because ... duh... someone didn't bring their zoom lens... So the first shot is of them after I'd spooked them and they were running across the road...the second shot is of these 6 that didn't run across but waited there by the edge of the road. David was driving so slow because he wanted to be able to stop if they darted out in front of us. But these 6 didn't...they just stood there and then as we get parallel with them the little baby got skittish and turned to run. Not only have I not ever seen this many at one time, but I don't remember ever being this close to any either. We were no more than 5 feet from the ones in the second picture. Aren't they just beautiful? Do you see the spots all over the little one. I'm still amazed at seeing all of them. While the lake and woody area is on one side, the other side of the road is full of occupied homes. People were out mowing their yards and there were the deer... just running. I think it was 3 houses down from the deer we saw a wild turkey. We turned around to go back and get a picture of him but it was to late. Then just a few more houses down is where we saw the second group of deer and there were at least a dozen in that group.

This is my Sunday shot that was taken on Monday... because I was not having a good day yesterday. Anyway, this is the sign and flag out front of the B&B that I see several times a day. I love looking up from my work and seeing that flag. I can't explain it, but I'm glad it's there.

I'm off to see what kind of mischief I can get in. I've got 2 layouts I'm working on for challenges...thinking maybe I found some motivation. Many things to still be packed up (cause Barb said)!! and I've not had one lick of caffeine or sugar for ummmm... 5 hours! Shhhhh, trust me, those 5 hours are major!
:) Have a great day everyone!


Kathi said...

Congrats on FIVE hours! That's an awesome feat.

What a find on Saturday. DH is from Michigan which is overrun with deer, but I've never seen that many together at one time either. Love the 2nd shot.

Serene said...

Wow! What a sight to happen upon. Great shot of the deer and I love the spots on the baby.

Good going on the no caff or sugar!

Barb said...

See Five maybe painful hours but you did it!! All you need to make it is one more minute at a time!! Go girl!!

Love your precious pics. How cute can they get? Isn't if fun to get that close to nature??

Keep packing!!! It is so much easier to do it slowly that all at once. Jim and I packed to move to Florida in one day, by ourselves. 11 room house! Yepper. We didn't dilly dally that is for sure. When we got here, we unloaded the truck, unpacked boxes, had everything away and pictures hung and truck back before they closed. Sounds unbelievable but I just know how to pack. I would love to move every week if I could! LOL Too bad Jim doesn't feel the same!! LOL

Waiting to see those LO. Post post post!!!

BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE that new avatar!!!

luv46kdz said...

ok, first off you may not be happy, but your pics are great. The one of the deer is just wonderful! I love it and felt so good looking at it, the second, it is awesome L! It looks almost haunting that little flag there, you nailed it with these lady. Keep it up you're doing great!