Monday, July 19, 2010

One Weekend Two Shots- Part 4

Hiya Bloggers!

Been a few days since I've posted anything. Guess I've not had much to post about. Haven't really done anything in the last week. Packed up a few boxes. Spent some time with Matt. Watched a little tv.... ok, maybe a lot of tv. Went out and ate Mexican twice! And went to Texas for the day. That still sounds strange saying... I don't think I'll ever get used to "I'm going to Texas".

Here are my Sat & Sun pictures.

Saturday 7/17/2010

My Daddy selling his veggies at Trade Days. I love love love my Daddy's garden grown veggies!

Sunday 7/18/2010

Check out this old stove I ran across. I actually think it's a new one that was made to look like an old one because it is way to shiny! I just thought it was awesome!

Oh poo... I was going to try an upload my pictures in the large format and I just flat forgot! UGH! Maybe next time.

Have a great day everyone!


Barb said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend, Lisa!! Love the pic of your dad!! Veggies look pretty good, too!! LOL

Aren't old things great!! I am getting more and more affection for them every day!! LOL There is sort of a kinship between us! Duh!

You had better get to packing. All I heard was that you can't wait. It is so long till we move. I don't want to hear I am running behind from you as the time gets here to get the move on!! LOL LOL

Have a good week. Will be looking for more blog. I love to read the news of your week!

Jenn said...

Lisa, I love that pic of your dad! I too love home grown veggies.
I am so glad I joined you all on the one weekend two shots journey. I am learnig so much about my camera and loving every minute of it!

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, that pic of your daddy is fantastic! That is a lo if I ever saw one. Look at all those wonderful veggies, how awesome. I love gardening, and I haven't done it in several yrs.

That is one nice stove, they do make reproductions that are real nice.

Serene said...

That stove is something else; old and yet looks brand new. Pretty cool pic.

I love that pic of your dad and those veggies look scrumptious.